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The following are simple steps for quick results. Download this handy reference for your daily numbers for the entire year: Daily Numbers Tables. It is easily calculated by first reducing the numbers of your birth date—day, month, year—to single digits, then taking the sum of these numbers. The only exception to this rule is with the master numbers 11 and These are not reduced to 2 and 4, respectively.

To calculate the Personal Year number for a given year, first reduce the numbers of the birthday, month and given year to a single digit. Note that if the result is either 11 or 22, a Master number, do not reduce to a single digit. For example, for a person with a Birthday on June 29, you would calculate the Personal Year number for as follows:.

The Personal Year begins in January and ends in December. For detailed descriptions as well as yearly planning exercises for each Personal Year, see Chapters 4 — 12 in The Power of Time.

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Then my possum was conceived the same way. Hi Renee! According to the Pediatrician my possum was due on the 28th of September still a Libran baby. But when the Ultra-scan was produced it confirmed a delivery date of 18th October Renee was eventually born on the 15th. Hello my Benny boo boo bear! If you have conceived in the last few days since Thursday last week then congrats.

You may get a ULP 33 master number baby boy in November. If not then we help you conceive a baby girl. As November is shaping upto be a monumental month. Not just for the year anniversary since the signing of the Armistace. By tomorrow nights end, I will publish my revelation of this fantastic month.

And we need more 33 ULP baby girls. In the mean time you guys, can start refreshing your memories on high school human biology and the X and Y chromosomes of the marathon swimmers Vs the sprinters, in helping you conceive. I will help you with the current waning lesser and waxing greater Lunar affect. For those of you who decided to stay then may I start with setting the mood. Lets start with the right hip swaying gyration music of Mr.

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If that version does not have you gyrating then there is something wrong with you physically. Ok folks, now that we have set the scene the next point is to reveal the numerology of the month of November, as this is monumentally exciting! Because it will not repeat for quite some time try 9 years. I will do this by midnight tonight, I promise.

November There are 3 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th. In other words powerful baby boys with a strong feminine side. I am one of these and I didn't turn out too bad! OR powerful baby girls with a masculine side ie tom boys. Likewise there will be no Universal Life Path No. There will be 2 yes TWO! Master Number 33 days in November , occurring on the 11th. My assistance is so to help you conceive around the 11th thru to the 29th.

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  • There will be 1 Universal Life Path no. Occurring on the 22nd. In-between the above mentioned MN 33 days.

    Can this be a Master Number? To be honest I do not know, but no. This is the day before the Full Moon. And because of the gravitational pull of the full moon, I would expect more babies to be born around this date! The Full Moon occurs on Friday 23rd brightest sky. Whilst the New Moon occurs on Thursday 8th darkest sky.

    Cause your men will not be thinking straight! Definitely No! That leaves the early evening period for your moment of glory.

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    Yes the moon is waning, getting smaller but still quite potent at disrupting body fluids. Ladies this all assumes you ovulated around the mid. At the latest Sunday the 4th March. If you just ended your period and started a new cycle around the full moon then that is ok. But the best days to conceive for the first of the 33MN will be after the quarter waning of the moon tomorrow the 9th. I can hear the bed posts screeching as I write. Venus at the moment is also in the evening sky, and will remain here till October Did you know that in Astronomy, the symbol for Venus is the same as that used in Biology for the Female sex gender.

    That is basically, a circle atop a small cross supporting it. Whilst Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are following the moon in it's trek through midnight and continuing into pre-dawn. This had started on Wednesday March 7. So there is only a small window of opportunity for the 11th November birth. The first of the 33 master numbers. Because we want to give the X sex chromosome of the male sperm the best chance of unimpeaded travel to the female egg which has the other X sex chromosome in waiting. Nature has balanced this process well. Whilst there are many more male Y sex chromosomes, being the sprinters as they are shorter in length and hence swim faster in the race to the egg, but drop off very quickly.

    Whereas the X sex chromosome of the male sperm are longer in length, lesser in number because of the already only X sex chromosome of the female egg , but can travel the the furthest, whilst not being the fastest. So I call these the marathon swimmers. And another reason why normally with a boy pregnancy women carry lower but higher up the abdomen for a girl pregnancy. This did happen in our family. Fellas if you do anything right, then do this bit right. Go Deep, Hard, Long, but Slow. Hence the rythmn of the music I have chosen. Ladies if your man can't get this right, then jump on top and do the guiding for them!

    I did warn you that it would get hot and steamy in this section! Field notes of the last three days: 7th, 8th and 9th March ! And I'm going to bed! I will advise in advance the best day to procreate for the second of the 33 Master numbers. Stay tuned! Remembering 'Evening Bliss' only, whilst Venus is in the western evening sky. Forget 'morning glories' and 'afternoon delights', if we are still keen to conceive baby girls.

    So avoid the moon when procreating for baby girls, but enjoy copulation and the beautiful creation that comes with that! Baby girls should grow into ladies and generally protect Mother Earth. Whereas baby boys grow into men, generally go to war, and may destroy Mother Earth. Then conceiving either side of the New Moon of Sunday the 18th March, will be true. Specifically the 15th and 22nd of March is the best chance for a birth, on or after the 22nd thru to the 29th of November. In all honesty enjoy your new babies in the months ahead, irrespective of their gender, as they are truly a gift.

    I wish above all for your and their health. APRIL There are no Master Number 22 days, occurring this month.


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    There will be no Master Number 33 days this month. The New Moon occurs on Monday 16th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Monday 30th brightest sky. It listed as "Renee" - so naturally I'm worried cause it's She is in tears shaken and woken by the spirit of her grand mother. So we talk for 1hr, 48m, 50s, as I comfort her and reassure her that she will have to expect this as normal, to not be frightened by her gift as she develops in the spiritual world. He explains that he hardly ever has dreams, and when he does he cannot remember them.

    But surprised that he can remember this one quite vividly.

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    • Could the spirits be channeling through me? More to Follow as I explain. MAY There is 1 Master Number 11 day occuring on the 22nd. The above tells us that a very intuitive baby girl could be born on the 22nd, surrounded by ULP 2 days. Have you noticed how all 4 days reduce to '4'. The New Moon occurs on Tuesday 15th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 29th brightest sky.

      JUNE There are no Universal Life Path No. There are 3 Master Number 22 days, occurring on the 5th,14th and 23rd. The New Moon occurs on Thursday 14th darkest sky.

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      Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Thursday 28th brightest sky. Vision and feelings of Eric sent to me now explained. Remembering that my long time neighbour Eric was a Qualified Electrician. As revealed to me 4 years earlier more on this for later. The main question I have, is why , were the front doors of the Apartment locked, as Chris and I could not get in. This could have helped tenants get out. To my shock surprise the gravity of this vision relayed to me, just after midnight or early in the morning was front page news The West Australian on Thursday June 15, as I sat down for breakfast at the Mercure Bunbury Sanctuary Golf Resort.

      Life Path Number - Online Calculator Life Path number is considered to be the most influential number in your numerological chart. It is sometimes referred to as the "Destiny number". Your Life Path number is derived from your date of birth. Birthday Number Birthday Number is one of the most important information about a person. It tells us about personal characteristics, lessons learned, as well as about weaknesses which should be avoided.