Astrology stellium in leo

Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows.

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The Metaphysics Of Having a Stellium In Your Natal Chart

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    Series settings. Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free. You have calculated your chart using the default on astro. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at www.

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    BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on astro. Your mars is in 11th Equal and sun conj 11th so is considered functioning in 11th house matters. Your moon is the most challenged planet having 3squares and 2quincunxs.

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    Last edited by astrologer50; at PM. Thank you for your insight, astrologer What is the difference between the Placidus and Equal House Charts? I'm not sure what the benefits of each are, or why there are several types of charts to choose from. Why isn't there just one? If there are many, how do we know which chart is correct?

    And being a modern astrologer, how do you differ from, say, astrologers from thousands of years ago? Basically, what I'm trying to understand is how there can be so many different types of astrology, all claiming to be correct. Shouldn't the fundamental base for astrology be in the fact that there is only one correct Natal Chart drawing? I've not studied the matter thoroughly, so maybe you could enlighten me.

    Originally Posted by astrologer Your chart really lacks the elements of water and air, but in Equal house at least 5planets in air houses and 4planets in earth houses. So it's just the water element and this suggests by way of compensation there may be t endency to milk each emotional experience for all it's worth. Will put themselves into emotional situations and FEEL them as much as possible. House systems Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at www.

    Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus unequal size houses v Equal House whereby each house is same size but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

    Astrology stellium in leo

    Traditional astrologer don't use Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. They just use Sun thro to Saturn Anyone can ask a horary question. You do not need a birth time to use this method of astrological enquiry. What you do need is the exact time the question was clearly worded in your mind.

    An experienced horarist can, using the time you have asked the question and the place from which it was asked , explore a particular matter in great detail. Horary astrology can be used to enquire about health, marriage, love affairs, work matters, travel, relocation and many other matters that affect our daily lives. It can be used to find lost things, people, pets, and many other subjects. Try not to attempt horary without first acquiring a sound knowledge of Natal chart basics though.

    There are lots of different 'branches' of astrology, if you go to the main index for example, you will find 'electional' casting a chart for an 'event' like opening a business, marriage. This missing Element can prove deeply troublesome because it denies a suitable platform from which to adequately ventilate the emotional problems, the individual may encounter at different times in life. Instead of being overly emotional, they may perhaps offer more practical advice Earth , or initiate Fire solving other people's problems for them!

    Where have I said this? This looks like a chart of a very successful and public person. How is it working for you so far? Tags 10th , stellium Thread Tools.

    How A Stellium in a Sign Affects You

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    Four Big Things You May Not Know about Stelliums

    Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Stellium in 10th? Thread Tools. Monte Cristo Junior Member. Thank you [poster gave no astrological interpretation inside of another person's thread so created new thread and moved to Greenhorns Lounge - Moderator] Last edited by wilsontc; at PM. Find all posts by Monte Cristo.

    Stelliums in the Signs

    Join Date: Feb Posts: 5, Re: Stellium in 10th? Find all posts by katydid. Arian Maverick Senior Member. Join Date: Oct Posts: 4, As Katydid indicates, Quote: A lot is going to depend upon what your other planets are doing in relation to this stellium. Find all posts by Arian Maverick. Find all posts by astrologer Alright, here is my chart, if anybody's interested!