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As an example, Day 1 of Month 1 M1 is shown as Dec Day 1 of Month 6 M6 is May 9, and so on. To convert a birth date to the month calendar, locate the Gregorian calendar day, and see what day and month it is on the month calendar. You will note that I use the Day—Month—Year format to work with dates. This is the convention that is common outside the U. Example 1: My birth date is February, It is a non-leap year, so look for the date in the first calendar.

You will find it in the Month 3 M3 column across from Day 8.

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So, on the month calendar, my birth date is written as: 8—3— Day-Month-Year format. Example 2: Barack Obama was born on 4-August You will find August 4 in the Month 9 column M9 across from Day 3.

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Example 3: OK. For late December birth dates, you have to remember that the month calendar starts on December My wife, Jeanne was born on December On the calendar conversion chart for the common year, you will find December 29 in the Month 1 column M1 across from Day So, her birth date of December- translates into 10—1— D-M-Y on the month calendar. Example 4: Dr. Suess, Theodore Suess Giesel, was born on 2—Mar— There, you will find his birth date in the Month 3 column M3 across from Day So, in the month calendar format, the birth date for Dr.

Suess is 18—3— How do you know which year is a leap year? They occur in 4-year intervals. This is because it takes days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds for the Earth to make one revolution around the sun. That is So, every four years, we add a day to the calendar to catch up.

In any century, leap years are the years that end with the double digits shown in the table below:. For instance, the years , , , and are leap years, and so on. Actually, any year with the last two digits that are divisible evenly by the number 4 is a leap year. Take any century and this is true. The years , , , and are also leap years.

So are , , and When analyzing a birth date, make a quick check to see if it is in a common year or a leap year. Then, choose the month conversion calendar chart that fits. In any century, leap years are the years that end with the double digits shown in the table below: Leap Years 00 20 40 60 80 04 24 44 64 84 08 28 48 68 88 12 32 52 72 92 16 36 56 76 96 For instance, the years , , , and are leap years, and so on.

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Connect With Us. Sign up for our Daily Numerology Emails. Yearly Numerology Overviews Overview. Overall Energies for Daily Energies and Quotes for August Daily Energies and Quotes for July Daily Energies and Quotes for June Daily Energies and Quotes for May You need to be very careful in your financial dealing. New ventures should be delayed or postponed. Re-check the plans and strategies thoroughly before giving a green signal. Business will shape well and you will be able to progress as per your plans. You are practical and you know what is good and what is bad.

From third quarter of , turning point will start for people who are stuck legally or facing some financial crisis. Married couples should pay more attention to the needs of their married life.

There could be problems in family affairs, so a calm and collective approach would be required from your end so family affairs do not take a beating. You will be able to spend more time with your kids and elders of your family too. Auspicious functions in family will be seen in second half of the year.

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There may be birth of a child in the house. You will get involved actively in social activities and get-together events. If someone is pressing you to make a decision, ask them to give you a little more time. Most of this year will be spent in cherishing golden moments together. If some of you are a little overweight, they should take help of the facilities available in gymnasium to shed those extra kilos.

Regular checkups with doctors will also be beneficial for you in long run. Problems related to Stomach may upset your health and routine life. Try to follow early dinner, sleep and exercise in early morning to charge up your energy throughout the year. Make your Best Year Ever with the help of our extremely useful forecast. Our Services. If you don't know what that is it's an army truck yes he tried to kill us and the police believed him he told them he didn't see us. Long story but what a real coward. I have always been loving,empathetic,optimistic. I do struggle with mental illness and chronic pain, however it does not define me.

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I am also awaiting results from a DNA lab. Hoping to find answers to some of my questions about who or what I am. I say I am exempt from all evil actually. Although I am slightly superstitious about walking under ladders or crossing a black cats path. I think my birthday makes me special from everyone else. And that's pretty awesome. I was also born at sunrise, when Venus was rising in the sky.

Friday was named for the goddess venus. I have had both bad and good in my life. But I feel we are here for a reason. Have you ever looked at your astrological chart? I have a grand cross, which you probably do too. Hopefully you come across this message. But the greatest of these is love.

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My first and last name a total of 13 letters. My first starts with 'B', a combo of 1 and 3 when written. My last starts with M, 13th letter. Driv lic starts with My SS has 13 isolated in center. I seem to be unlucky to everyone around me. I am quick as a cat, and have escaped death 4 times in my life. Ancient Scottish ancestry. Family known as 'Clan of the cat'. I was born on I was baptized in water on I entered into Bible College on Great things happen to me on 13 th. To me God has blessed me with no 13th. For example some sky-scrapers in Euope and the USA do not have a 13th floor and some hotels do not have Room number I used to look up what is it with this number following me about, hotel room, , , etc coat tickets 13 seats in theatres 13 and 14 or 31, never 4;s or 6's or 7's or any other of the thousands of mixes you can get from all those other numbers, never I have witnesses who also noticed it as well It got on my nerves, even trying not to see it made no difference.

Today I decided to look at Luke , he was born on the 13th August and died on the 11th January and was buried on the 13th February Today I was driven to see exactly how many days he lived. I'm so sorry for your loss. Friday the 13th - Doesn't that mean The myth about Jason? Its just a movie how am I stupid for.

My name starts with the letter M,the 13th letter which is no big deal except that I am number 13 in my family. Born the 13th child. I have exactly 6 older brothers and 6 older sisters. Regardless if what people say,I'm very fond of the number I wonder if being the 13th also means I am affected by the number 13? Anybody know? I asked the Lord for guidance and interpretation.

Watching videos revelation came quikly. In a video a rabi speaked about a jewish tradition :"theres 12 arrows in the quiver one in the hand for thirteen ready for war". I understand right away that was the Lord revealing the 13 meaning in that moment. War is coming or be prepared for the spiritual war between good and evil. Christ faction against the devil faction.

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I do believe we are living in the end times. I am given many words from the Bible in my sleep that relate to Book of Rev. Can you elaborate any more of your thoughts with the number 13 or messages you are getting? Thank You! It looks like blanched, and I have tanned skin. Anyone know about this or experienced this? Thirteen marks a point of inflection or change. Coming to a 13, we determine whether that change will be good or bad. If we are aware of this predisposition, we can control the number for good in our lives. Surrendering to evil with a 13 predisposition is very dangerous, but using its power creatively can lead to great success.

I was born on 13 Friday, May I am officially freaked out. I'm not sure on religion guess you can say I have more of an idea then a belief always found that easier. I am not the happiest person out there I don't have the greatest life. I guess you could somewhat saying I have sort of a cold heart bad attitude I can't get very violent when pushed. And I couldn't tell you the last I was ever truly happy.

Then again I might not know what happy even is. But I do feel I was put here for a reason I'm just patiently waiting for that moment to come. My birthday is next month April 13th on Friday every 7 years my birthday Falls on Friday the 13th. My zodiac is Aries. All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows So on and so forth. What does that mean?

Since this been occurring, ai been having the worst of luck.