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If 11th house is occupied by Chandra and the 7th occupied by Sukra and Budha and have the aspect of Guru, she will become the bride of ruler and will have all comforts of life. If Kanya becomes Lagna with Budha in it, and Guru is found located in the 11th, i. Kataka, in exaltation, she will become a queen and will command great respect and power. These two planets, Budha and Guru, are in exaltation and they produce Rajayoga. If Sukra Venus occupies Lagna, Budha is in the 3rd House and the powerful Guru possessed of Shadvarga strength and is located in the 4th, the girl will marry a king VIP and will have all royal enjoyments.

If at the time of birth there are three planets that have good Shadvargas, she will become the wife of a Raja VIP. If four planets are so well situated with of a great emperor. If five planets have completely auspicious Shadvargas, she will become the wife of a very great emperor who has command over the three worlds and will travel in Vimanas Aero planes.

If Budha joins Kanya or Mithuna and Jupiter accepted by Guru is with auspicious Shadvargas and the 4th has the aspect of Sukra, the girl will marry a Maharaja king. The Sadvargas are Lagna of Birth or Ascendant. Hora or half of a Rasi or sign. Drekkana or one-third of a sign. Navamsa or one- ninth division of a Rasi. Dwadasamsa or one- twenty of a Zodiacal sign.

Thrimsamsa or one- thirtieth division of a sign. These six divisions constitute Shadvargas and when all are good, the planet is powerful. Other works mention Shodasavargas or 16 divisions and they are: 1. Shodasamsa Thrimsamsa Ekadasamsa Shashtamsa Ashtamsa Chaturthamsa Shashtiamsa viii. If Kuja occupies 3 or 6 and Sani with auspicious Shadvargas joins 11 and Guru aspects Lagna the native becomes the wife of warrior, will be fond of righteous conduct and will be loving her husband and be loved by him.

If the Sun occupies Mesha his sign of exaltation with all the auspicious Shadvargas, accepted or conjoined by benefices and the birth falls in a fixed sign, the girl will become a queen and will command many conveyances and servants. If lagna falls in Kanya with Budha combined there, Guru in the 11th, Sukra in the 2nd and Poorna Chandra full Moon in the 10th, she will be an empress. She will be charitable, generous, blessed with sympathetic speech, virtuous and helpful to the poor and distressed.

Look also to the position of Venus for all combinations- whether afflicted debilitated. The next one to it is the 'second' and so on till the 12th house. Vedic seers have classified these houses according to their benefic, malefic or inter mingling qualities. These are the foundation pillars. The next in strength are the kona houses or trines viz. The next in order are Panaparas 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th 5th is both kona and panapara. Kendras are strong houses and planets in them bestow health, wealth, happiness and prosperity barring some exceptions.

Bhava Houses: - Similarly the horoscope is divided into 12 Bhava houses or mansions. There are number of methods of house divisions which can be learnt from the astrological books. Late Dr B. Raman one of the greatest savants of Astrology states "The twelve Bhava houses represent the entire life history of the individual. By careful scrutiny of planetary combinations and aspects in the 12 houses, the whole life of a person can be predicted with sufficient accuracy.

The relations and inter relations of planetary placements must be carefully scrutinized and then prediction ventured. Deterministic interpretation of combinations should not be given. The Second Bhava shows family, right eye, food, wealth, education, manner and source of death, self-acquisition and optimism.

The Third bhava Represents brothers, sisters, intelligence, courage, Short journeys, neighbors, printing, publishing, right ear and the chest The Fourth Bhava shows Home life, Happiness, mother, relatives, Movable and immovable assets, education, neck and shoulders. The Fifth Bhava shows intelligence, soul, Poorva punya merits earned in the past life , children, fame and competitive examinations. The Sixth Bhava signifies Enemies, thieves, cuts and wounds, disappointments, miseries, sorrow, debts, Divorce, court cases, departmental disciplinary actions, Diseases, battles etc The Seventh bhava shows Marriage, spouse, marital happiness, sexual diseases, Diplomacy, travel, business, tact, and latent energies.

The Eighth Bhava is for Longevity, sexual organs, death, legacies, Gift and gains and unearned wealth got from races, lotteries etc, Cause of Death, wills, disgrace, degradation, defeat, insult, sorrow, servants and impediments. The Ninth Bhava indicates Godliness, righteousness, preceptor or the Guru, Father, Grand children, Metaphysical studies, Intuition, religiousness, charity, Law, Judiciary, philosophy, Science and literature, press Media and publications, lasting fame, leadership, long journeys and foreign travel. The Tenth Bhava signifies Occupation, Rank, Honor, success, Means of lively hood, self-respect, religious knowledge and dignity.

The Eleventh Bhava speaks of Means of Gains, accomplishments, friends and helping people, personality, ornaments, Freedom from misery and pain. The Twelfth Bhava shows Misery, Loss, expenditure, Waste, extravagance, sympathy, Renunciation, emancipation moksha , Forced confinements like in hospitals, asylums, jails etc. Permanent residence abroad. Ideally, it takes years of acquiring astrological expertise and then becoming totally familiar with anatomy and physiology to qualify as a medical astrologer who, as an Ayurvedic Physician can accurately understand diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health.

Medical Astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology. It deals with the medical aspect of astrology. Vedic horoscope is drawn by the Vedic Medical Astrologer, based on time, place, and date of birth of the concerned person and then appropriate advice is given to enliven all areas of their lives. The Ayur-Jyoti technique uses Vedic astrology to determine potential weak spots. You may be able to determine a tendency toward various types of illnesses, and one can usually see periods of stress or lowered vitality when one could develop health problems.

Analyzing the planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart, a medical astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease. The medical astrologer then can advise the client on the appropriate tests necessary to verify the astrological speculations. The worlds most ancient scriptures give evidence of a culture rich in the arts, philosophy, medicine, religion, and science.

Jyotish was first mentioned in the Rig Veda, and references were also made in the classical Indian epics, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the classic Bhagavad-Gita. The Vedas are considered by many to be the most vast and complete system of knowledge known to mankind, and Jyotish is revered as one of the most important limbs of the Vedas.

Jyotish, a Sanskrit word, translates to Divine Light. It is the eye of divine knowledge, which is omnipresent, omnipotent, pure, supreme, and exalted. Jyotish, is believed to have been conceived by the ancient sages in higher states of consciousness, which allowed them to cognize life beyond time and space, beyond past, present and future. In this super-conscious state, they recognized the energetic rays of the planets as reflectors or. These solar and planetary radio-like waves, sent out at various angles, were seen to bear influence on everything animate and inanimate, affecting humans on both biological and psychological levels.

It is said that the sages observed and experimented with their observations in order to codify into rules of astronomical calculations, which ultimately became the laws by which Jyotish is practiced. The astronomical genius demonstrated by the Vedic Seers is suggested by the fact that these ancient astronomers conceived of cosmological issues that have remained consistent with the enduring discoveries of science to the present day.

It is interesting to note that, whereas medieval Europe still believed that the earth was stationary, Vedic astronomers of antiquity founded a system which stated that the apparent rising and setting of the planets and the stars were due to the movement of the earth. The Vedas are a composite or holistic knowledge, integrating every part or branch of knowledge to the whole.

All the parts are viewed in context of Vedic philosophy such that the sciences are consistent and reinforce the orientation of artistic expression; medicine is consistent with religion and so forth. This integrated philosophical orientation to life opposes the long popular scientific view embraced by Western culture that has compartmentalized life in an ever-shifting focus or preoccupation with one segment or another. This fragmented approach to life results in the various disciplines of knowledge being in conflict with one another, such that the artist is seen at odds with the scientist, religion, and philosophy are inconsistent with each other, science is at war with religion, and so on.

For the individual, awareness of the inter-relatedness of all phenomena allows one to perceive ones own life in the context of the greater whole, leading to the Vedic concept of karma. It is said that no thought, word or deed escapes the ultimate, inescapable justice of the universe, known simply as karma.

The understanding of the law of cause and effect, or karma, is expressed in scientific law as follows: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In various religious and spiritual texts, it is suggested in proverbs like," As you sow, so shall you reap", or implied in sayings like, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The concept of karma speaks to your responsibility for yourself in the most profound terms. You could say that the horoscope offers a means for assessing ones karmic path in order to become more conscious, or self aware, and, as a consequence, more actively responsible for your actions. The horoscope is a. The chart shows what we are now because of what we have thought and done in the past. Astrology, by providing us with a blueprint of our attachments, challenges, talents, and mental tendencies, offers us a way of not only realizing in a specific sense of what our karma is, and helping us work with these confrontations within and without, but also a way of beginning to rise above and gain a perspective on our destiny.

Astrology is not a discipline that promotes a passive acceptance of fate; rather astrology takes an account of your strengths and weaknesses and various tendencies, with the idea that through self-awareness, one can become more conscious of the choices of actions available. As a science and as an art form, astrology is the study of the subtle energies that make up our world. When we evaluate a horoscope, we are looking at nothing more than the blending of energies, which can combine in an infinite variety of ways.

As energetic beings, each one of us is comprised of a combination of energies, which makes up the sum total of our self. The fact is that each of us is created by a particular combination of planetary gravitational pulls exerted in different degrees, from different angles, and in different quantities. The multitude of possible combinations accounts for the variety of personalities, mentalities, physiques, as well as the emotional and intellectual constitutions that we find here on earth.

The stars do not rule our destiny; they merely record a destiny that has already been formed. They are a symbol, not a force; a transmitting energy, not an originating power. The planets do not dictate, but indicate the energies that are influencing a situation at a given time.

Astrology is determinism to the extent that the unchangeable law of karma shadows it; however, life that is guided by free will does not follow any preordained pattern. It is through free will that humanity may guide the future and thereby take charge of creating its own personal destiny. Astrological chart readings can be complex, but a trained astrologer can decipher it for you very easily. Chart Interpretation While computer programs have reduced the calculation time for astrology charts and alleviated the risk of human error, computers can't replace talented astrologers because an astrologer can offer greater insight that's gained from training and experience.

It's this human factor that's at the. The complexity of interpreting astrological chart meanings is a genuine art. How an Astrologer Interprets Your Chart An astrologer is most concerned about the placement of the planets and signs in the twelve houses of your chart. There are infinite possible combinations, and the odds of two people having the same astrological chart is very rare.

Even twins have different charts since birth times won't be the same. One degree can make a difference that's as pronounced as night and day. Ads by Google Child birth Child birth is a special time in your life.

Make the most of it. In fact, certain aspects or degrees can be interpreted differently from the "standard" or popular way you may see in books, and only an astrologer can convey those differences in a meaningful way. For example, during a reading, an astrologer would note the importance of a stellium four or more planets in the same sign. An astrologer will examine and explain to you why this is significant and how you may possibly act and move through life not as your sun sign dictates, but like the sign of your stellium.

A good example would be a Gemini sun sign with five signs in Cancer. Depending on which houses these signs are located in, along with aspects and other intricate details, you may very well act more like a Cancer sun sign than a Gemini. It requires an astute astrologer to decipher the significance of a stellium in your chart. Planets, Signs and Houses To understand how a chart is interpreted or read, it helps to understand how all the parts of the chart, including the elements of the signs, relate to each other.

Planets will show you what is going on energetically. The sun sign will show you how things will unfold, and the house will reveal the. The astrologer will interpret this data and discuss how it will impact your life. When everything comes together in your chart, it's clear to see how the combination of various energies of elements, qualities and the relationship between houses and planets create the intricacies that make you unique.

Understanding Astrological Chart Readings There are several different kinds of chart readings you can have, but the birth or natal chart is the typical one used. The natal chart is calculated by using your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. The latter would be the city and state. An astrologer will convert your birth location into longitude and latitude to get a precise calculation. By having the time of your birth, the astrologer can ascertain where the planets were on the horizon at the moment of your birth.

Time of birth is crucial for an accurate chart calculation. Natal Chart Your natal chart is the basis for calculating other charts, such as a progression chart, that can yield what's known as event astrology. This means that the astrologer will progress your chart for the upcoming year. This process identifies and highlights significant events, both positive and negative. This chart can be narrowed down not just to months, weeks and days, but to the precise hour, minute and second.

Many people use progression charts to assist them in taking full advantage of the energies of beneficial planet alignments and plan their yearly activities. For example, you can use a progression chart to select the best time for doctor appointments, to have surgery, buy stocks, sign contracts and so on. Two Significant Signs in Your Reading There are two significant signs to which you'll want to pay close attention:. Ascendant or Rising Sign: This refers to the sign that was on the horizon at the moment of your birth. This sign will usually be different from your sun sign. Your rising sign is how people will see you.

It's often called your outward personality sign. Sun Sign: This is your soul sign and where you are in the progression of incarnations through the zodiac wheel. However, keep in mind that this may not be your first passage through the twelve signs.


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Your astrologer will conduct a general overview with you. This is a basic discussion of which planets were on the horizon at the time of your birth and which were below it. Your sun sign will be discussed followed by your rising sign and moon sign. These three play key roles in your life from soul growth, to your outer personality, to your emotions.

The astrologer will read your chart house by house and discuss what energy and possibility reside in each. This will encompass more than just planets and signs; you'll hear words like nodes and aspects. The astrologer will give you a quick rundown of each sign, planet, element and degrees, and how all of this affects you in life. Each astrologer reveals a chart in her or his own style. Some astrologers prefer to discuss your sun sign and how it molds your life while others may prefer to focus on your rising sign. The approaches will be different from one astrologer to the next, but the information you receive will be pertinent to your chart.

It will take some time for you to fully digest what you've learned during your astrological chart reading, and it's best to record the session so you can refer back to certain points. Judgement of Svamsa Parasara recognized the difference between Karakamsa soul and the Lagnamsa body and uses the term "Swamsa" to describe both when common rules are present. The Lagnamsa represent that which is readily available or easily achieved whereas the karakamsa represent the desire of the soul.

If both of them conjoin, the stage is set for self-actualization. Similarly consider other karakas from the bhavas. If there are only benefics in karakamsa and lagnamsa and aspected only by benefics, the native will surely enjoy Rajayoga. Similarly benefics in Swamsa or in its quadrants or trines and devoid of malefics, the native will surely be prosperous and knowledgeable.

Mixed planets give mixed results. Aries: trouble from rats, cats etc. Gemini: Itches, skin infection and over weight problems. Cancer: Trouble from watery diseases, hydrophobia and leprosy. Leo: Danger from dogs, tiger and other such canines. Virgo: Trouble from fire, weight problems, skin infections.

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Libra: Trouble from Trade and business. Scorpio: Watery diseases, danger of reptiles, and snakes, shortage of mothers milk. Sagittarius: Danger of accidents and fall from height. Aquarius: Construction of lakes, tanks, garden, roads, temples etc. Pisces: Law abiding, religious and righteous person. Parasara adds that the karakamsa in Pisces indicates Moksha. Note: Various kinds of problem have been indicated by planets occupying specific Navamsas. These problems arise in the life of the person if the Atmakaraka is afflicted.

Physical problems are indicated by the Navamsa of the lord of the badhakasthana. Effect of Planets in Swamsa 1. The full Moon and Venus in Swamsa give all luxuries of life and an educationist is produced. According to Parasara presence of full moon and aspect of Venus on it also gives the same result. Mars in Swamsa gives expertise in metallurgy or in arms and warfare or in matters related to fire.

Mercury in Swamsa gives business acumen and produces a skilled trader or weaver, sculptor or one well versed in social and legal norms. Jupiter in Swamsa makes a Karmayogi who will excel in any field due to his intelligence or one interested in philosophy and religion or a priest. Venus in Swamsa indicates a government or political official or a passionate person who is virile up to a hundred years indicate bureaucracy. Saturn in Swamsa gives success in any line of activity and consequential fame 8.

Rahu in Swamsa produces a Bowman or a thief. He may earn by dacoity or by cheating or maybe capable of handling very poisonous. Ketu in Swamsa indicates one who will earn through elephants trucks and heavy vehicles or maybe a thief or a swindler. This may also indicate watch repairing or delicate machines or computers. Moon in Swamsa aspected by Venus: Capability to deal with liquids and chemicals.

Mercury aspecting Moon in Swamsa: Produces a doctor or work related to medicine. Note: The various vocations listed above may be more applied to the lagnamsa than the karakamsa as karakamsa indicate the desire of the soul whereas the lagnamsa indicate the actual karma of the body. Though these indicate the vocation with D we can say with certainty the actual vocation.

Some more indications: 1.

Sun and Rahu joining swamsa indicate death due to snake venom. If benefic aspect the combination this will not happen. Rather the native will be a doctor handling poisonous drugs and curing venom afflictions. A malefic's aspect would cause death.

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Parasara opines that mars aspect on the combination in karakamsa indicates that the person will burn his own house or that of others. If Saturn and Rahu are in Swamsa, the Native is either a seller or consumer of betel leaves and other aphrodisiacs. The moon in the fourth from swamsa produces a sailor. The aspect of Venus confirms this. Gulika in Swamsa makes the native consume poison or poison others. The aspect of Venus or Sun cures the evil or prevents it from occurrence. Moon aspecting or joining Gulika in swamsa indicates theft or receipt of stolen wealth.

He may be initiated into a religious order. Parasara adds that the child may belong to a female remarried. Saturn aspecting the Venus and Ketu in Swamsa produces a Tapaswi or a servant. Saturn alone aspecting Ketu in swamsa indicates that the native is a fraud in the garb of a sanyasi. Venus or Mars in the 2nd from swamsa produces passion and illicit relationships. The influence is milder in case the second is owned by Venus or Mars and strongest if both of these planets in the 2nd owned by anyone of them.

Ketu associating such combination destroys the passion. Note: Jupiter is expansive in Nature. It intensifies the influence of the other planets. Malefics in the 3rd indicate courage or valour whereas benefics indicate cowardice. Malefics in the 3rd and 6th make a good farmer or living through agriculture. This also indicates working in the air forces. Jupiter in the ninth indicates a big landlord or a distinguished personality. Venus: artistic skill. Mercury: Writer 6. Mars: Capable of carrying firearms and weapons.

Exalted planet in fourth will also give big residential house.

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If Saturn and Rahu are in the fourth, stones, rocks and such materials are used. Mars and Ketu in the fourth indicate use of clay and bricks. Jupiter in 4th indicates that the house made up of wood. Sun in the 4th gives a house of thatched straw or grass. Moon in 4th aspected by Venus: Leucoderma or Leprosy if heavily afflicted. Mars aspects the Moon in the 4th: White leprosy. Ketu aspecting the Moon in the 4th: Bluish Leprosy.

Rahu and Mars are in the fourth or fifth from Swamsa, Tuberculosis is indicated. The aspect od mercury or Venus. The aspect of Sun gives death through snake venom. Saturn alone in 5th: Archer. Mercury alone in 5th: Ascetic, member of a religious order or one who uses a walking stick. Rahu alone in 5th: Metallurgist or heavy engineering. Mars alone : Lancer or a spear wielder. Mercury in similar position with Moon: Author of even lesser capability.

Note: The number of natural benefics in the swamsa or 5th house will determine the capabilities of the author. The presence of the Moon Mind is the primary factor. However it does not give eloquence. Such person will shy away from the limelight. Parasara indicate legal knowledge and jurisprudence. Parasara says that sun in 5th gives knowledge of Music and Vedanta. This is important for astrology as well.

If Jupiter associates, this knowledge is obtained by inheritance and the teaching are fully digested. Rahu indicates capabilities of research and Mathematics. Note: The combinations from 16 to 27 are also applicable to the 2nd house. He also opines that these results are also to be seen from the lord of swamsa. These results in the bhava will be temporary while in the Navamsa they wil be pronounced. The point is to confirm results from both Navamsa Lagna and karakamsa. While the result from Navamsa Lagna will be pronounced, those from Karakamsa indicating the desire of the soul may manifest only during specific periods.

It is the mismatch between Navamsa Lagna and the Karakamsa that leaves many desires unfulfilled thereby causing rebirth. Jupiter and Moon in 7th: Gives good looking and fair complexioned spouse. Rahu: Brings a widow or widower in marriage. Saturn: Brings older than normally expected person in marriage or the spouse could be religious more ritualistic or of poor health. Mars: Spouse having deformed or defective limbs. Sun: Spouse is favoured and protected by family. Spouse is learned, She will be confined to domestic chores. If Sun is debilitated then she may have clandestine relationship with elder members of the family may not be true under benefic influence.

Mercury: Talented and young spouse. She will be conversant with fine arts. Moon: First mating will be in the open or an uncovered place. Note: The place of mating is seen from the 10th of 7th spouse i. Similarly the place of illicit sex 2nd is seen from 10th from 2nd i. The exaltation etc, aspects and signs involved should also be considered. Malefics associated with the ninth will produce opposite qualities like dishonesty, faithlessness and unrighteousness.

If Saturn and Rahu are in the 9th house, the native betrays his elders and preceptors. Sun and Jupiter in the 9th will make the native confidant or faithful of his elders and teachers. Parasara says Venus and Mars in the 9th from Karakamsa indicate that the lover having illicit relationship with the native will die. Mercury and Moon in the 9th will cause imprisonment due to the illicit relationship. Jupiter alone in the 9th indicates excessive passion and sex. This indicates skill and fame and is good for fortunes as well, as Mercury is a natural benefic.

Besides, like Saturn, it tends to promote a traditional vocation. Malefics cause fluctuation in fortunes. Parasara opines that the combination will no only give stable fortunes but also make the native serious, strong fixity of purpose and intelligent. The Sun in the 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Jupiter produces a cowherd or milkman or one associated in some manner with animal husbandry.

This is contrast with Parasara who mentions Rajayoga. Benefics: take the soul to the auspicious world of the departed after death.

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Parasara opines that Malefics in the 12th indicate expenses on unlawful and bad activities while benefics give legitimate expenses. Ketu: Final emancipation. Others opine that benefics in the swamsa gives moksha. Parasara says" If exalted planets or planets in own sign or natural benefics are placed in the 12th house from Karakamsa, the soul transmigrates to a beneficial world after death.

If Ketu is so placed and only aspected by or joined by benefics, final emancipation from the cycle of rebirth shall be obtained. If Ketu is in the 4th or 12th from Karakamsa, final emancipation will be granted. During the dasa of Rahu in 10th i. If such placement of nodes occur from swamsa, they lead him towards emancipation. Parasara says- if Ketu is in the 12th from karakamsa in Aries or Sagittarius conjoined or aspected by benefics, the native is led towards emancipation.

Sun is not considered malefic here, as it is a natural significator of Dharma. Devotion mostly seen from 12th of Karakamsa. Saturn in the 12th in a malefic sign shows inclination for black magic, devilish worship and spirits. Venus in the 12th in malefic sign: Same as Saturn. The religiosity are also to be examined from the 6th from the Amatyakaraka.

Malefics in Trine from Swamsa 1. At least one malefic gives knowledge of Mantra, two indicates knowledge of mantras and their usage while more malefic give knowledge of Yantras and Tantra. The malefics in trines aspected by other malefics: Expertise in black magic. Malefics in trines aspected by benefics: Expertise in white magic. Note: If the combination of malefics is in trine from Lagnamsa then the native will make his living out of knowledge whereas if the combination occur from Karakamsa, the magic is very strong.

Ketu in the second aspected by malefics produces stammering and other speech defects. If malefics aspects, these defects are pronounced. Sanjay Rath says that Ketu in the 3rd won't produce speech defects unless there is a malefic in the swamsa causing papakartari yoga of 2nd. Malefics simultaneously in the 2nd and 8th house from Lagna, Arudha Lagna and swamsa cause Kemadruma Yoga utter poverty. If the yoga is from Lagna or Lagnamsa then the effect will be felt throughout life whereas from Arudha Lagna it indicates financial down turn or fall.

The yoga from Karakamsa indicates one who will detest wealth and may become a renunciate. Moons aspect on the yoga will intensify it. The results will manifest during the dasa of the sign or planets concerned. Basic Principles to Determine Profession and Income This is very important to find out all the ways and means by which a man earns his money and livelihood. Take the Lagna or the Moon at birth and see who occupies tenth house from it.

If the Sun is in the 10th house the person inherits paternal property, if the Moon is there, he gets money through the mother, if Mars occupies it, he procures wealth through his enemy, if Mercury joins the tenth, he gets money through friends, if Jupiter is found there, the person has wealth through brothers, if Venus is in the 10th, then money comes through women, and if Saturn occupies it, servants fetch him money.

Some astrologers say that the most powerful among the two must be found out and then the source of wealth predicted from the planet who occupies the 10th from it. Suppose there are two or more planets in the 10th from Lagna or Chandra or from both, then money flows in through those channels which are ascribed to the planets in their Dasas and Antardasas. If there is no planet in the 10th house from Lagna or Chandra, take the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th from Lagna, Moon and Sun, and ascribe the acquisition of wealth to such methods or processes which are controlled by that planet.

If the lord of the Navamsa is the Sun, the person makes money by scented articles, gold, wool and medicines. He may be a medical man himself or may be an attendant or nurse upon patients. If lord of the navamsa of 10th lord is the Moon, he gets money by dealing in corals, pearls, shells, agricultural products and dependence upon women. If Mars owns that navamsa, he will make money by minerals, ores, or compounds, by weapons of various kinds, by fire in being engaged in fireworks, kitchens, engine driving or wherever there is work connected with fire and by rash adventures or speculations and venturesome deeds or such actions, in which physical strength and courage is utilized.

If Mercury becomes the lord of that Navamsa, the person becomes a writer, mechanic, painter, sculptor, engraver, poet, mathematician, architect or scent maker. When Jupiter becomes the lord of that Navamsa the person gets money through Brahmins, priests, educated classes, temples and charities, mining operations and manufacturers, sacrifices, discipleship and pilgrimage. When Shukra becomes the lord of that navamsa he gets money by gems, metals, cows and buffaloes. When he is Saturn the man earns money by labour, such as travelling and carrying, by being an executioner or hangman, and such mean travels which are against the traditions of his family.

Planets give wealth similar to the houses they occupy. Take those lords in the 10th from lagna or chandra and find out in what house he is. If the house he occupies is his own he gets money in his house. If it is his friend's then he gets money through friends. If he occupies unfriendly houses, then he makes money through his enemies. If he happens to be Sun, and is in his exaltation and is otherwise powerful the person acquires wealth by self exertions. If all the benefic planets are powerful and occupy the lagna, 2nd and 11th houses, the person will make money by various means.

Such a person will succeed in any business he undertakes, however divergent it may be from his original work. If there are no planets in the 10th house, find out where the lord of the 10th from Sun, or Moon or Lagna is situated in the navamsa and if he is in a friendly or inimical sign predict as above.

To the above must be added the fact of the Sun being exalted, i. According to one classical author if Jupiter occupies 10th house from Janmalagna the native attains glory by involving himself in the activities of public welfare. Similarly if Saturn occupies 10th house, the native gets reputation and recognition by working for the poor people. For making more accurate analysis we can also analyse that which planets occupy or aspect 10th house from Karkamsha lagna and Arudha lagna. According to Rishi Gemini when the 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by benefic planets other than Mercury, the native is firm minded or the native becomes either a priest or one who settles the disputes of other people.

If the 10th house from Karkamsha is aspected by only Jupiter and Sun, the person will be a cowherd Dairying, or dealing in milk products. Note :- The term Agriculturist and cow herd can cover a lot more than it did in the older days because these areas have become specialised with time.

If Sun and Venus aspect the Karkamsha the person is in government service, or has connections in the government. If 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by Mercury the person will be in government service. If Saturn is in the Karkamsha lagna the person will make a living through a famous occupation. This is a combination for fame. If the K. L is occupied by Sun and Rahu and they are associated with benefic and malefic planets then the person will be a doctor or vaidya who is expert in poison cure.

Here we shall give few important combinations. If lord of 2nd house, lord of 11th house and lord of 1st house are together in any Kendra and one of these three are exalted in that case a person succeeds to make unlimited wealth in his life. Jupiter signifies education, legal profession, consultants, spirituality related profession and financial management. Venus signifies TV and film industry, life saving drugs, financial advisor, music, dealing in luxurious items. Saturn signifies industries, service, dealing with labour, industrial workers and leadership for politician.

Weariness and lack of concern could entice you to raced to the shopping center and spend a ton of cash on extravagances. You may revel in nourishment and drink. A ton of action could occur around home today. It could include various guests, or it could essentially be a considerable measure of work that needs doing.

News of unexpected achievement could come your direction today, flabbergasting you reeling and. You may feel somewhat entranced, Scorpio, as you don't realize what to do to pass the time. Get-togethers or gathering exercises may demonstrate depleting today, as many individuals might need to exploit your gifts.

Overabundance is the word for now, Capricorn. You may feel excessively hopeful and excited about everything, and you could dedicate yourself completely to it each of the a bit too enthusiastically. Today you may feel somewhat discouraged and impassive, as you couldn't care less what happens at this moment.

You may attempt to get your psyche off those emotions by burning through cash. Today you may be with companions who need to go out on the town and burn through cash. Shopping, eating in favor eateries, or going to move clubs could be in their arrangements. Aries Mar Apr Taurus Apr May Gemini May Jun Cancer Jun Jul Leo Jul Aug Virgo Aug Sep Libra Sep Oct Scorpio Oct Nov Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar Astrologers Team. Sun Sign Free Online Career Prediction Astrology.