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TikTok tiktok View Profile. MDC Inc. Ali 19k fata. May Ahmad mayahmad96 View Profile. Debra mamideb View Profile. Sergey Sinitsyn onestoblog View Profile. Valeria Uritu valeriauritu View Profile. The main character of the no longer creates myths? Fantastic Fairy Tale of Mihaela Bal. Thus, the literary, theatrical, an- are all caught in the image of a hero fighting thropological and dogmatic perspectives the darkness.

As Leszek Kolakowski, who are only a few of them.

Through Rodica was quoted in the pages of this magazine, G. This late Don Quixote reshaped dial androgyny as well as the poet-muse, his reality based on codes that were no lon- now-separated couple. The study elaborates in-depth de- archetype whose resources are infinite. This tripartite dependency became tectural volatility. Another essay, Between Cantation and These are only a few of the solid, Incantation. Romanian fairytales, namely that of the Although their strong sense of identi- ophidian. In the sacred-profane key of inter- them and their new families.

By choos- pretation, the virgin stands for the soul ing to see the good surrounding them too, captive in the profane temporality, but also rather than thinking only about their lost open to the sacred, which is touched by it country, they focused less on their iden- through being kidnapped by the ophidian. In order to reach the sacred and characters are alienated, they lack ontolog- free themselves from the constraints of this ical consistency and they behave like wan- life while they are still alive, people have to dering shadows.

His main idea is that all identify themselves with the alterity, in or- exiles have a hybrid identity: although the der to become one with the Universal Di- inherited one is included in the one that vinity. However, this dooms him and downs, namely a never-ending spiritu- to loneliness and also to the realization of al journey towards God and the elevation the fact that one can feel lonely even when of the soul.

All things considered, this issue of Still, this is the feeling that dominates the Insights into the imaginary offers a mul- modern man in general, so through the titude of perspectives on the theme of very condition of feeling alone among alterity in literature: whether it is about the others can everyone actually identify our relationships with the others or the themselves with every other member of things that differentiate us but also make the alterity as well.

By writing life will shape our personality in a way or about the outskirts and their varied con- another. But the volume also has a warn- nections with the centrality of the city, ing for the contemporary reader: if in the she points out their diversified nature and previous decades people have had a strong thus their relevance in making each city sense of identity and were hardly accept- unique and memorable in literature. The ing the existence of alterity near them, outskirts make the transition between nowadays the situation has been reversed.

However, despite the general nega- technological era, the society has become tive outlook that is cast upon these places, so good in manipulating people that they there should be no moral judgment from no longer know who they are. However, people are codes and values. Cultures, and implicitly Romanian Jews during the avant-garde of literatures produced by said cultures, are far the s and s Tristan Tzara serv- from static, nor are they self-sufficient and ing as the most recognizable figure. The essays The third and final part of the volume of the volume all emphasize the crucial is primarily concerned with the intermin- role played by cultural syncretism and in- gling of Romanian and foreign literary teraction in the formation of new literary themes and interpretations across broad directions, trends and stylistic obsessions.

En couches multiples du modernisme. Par ailleurs, le professeur Artur teurs. Entre sur axe architecturale symbolique. La documentation sur influences provenant du monde occidental. Pour un exemple plus rel. Iron Guard. Napoca Star, Emil Cioran and Mircea Eliade were some of the Romanian intellectuals who sympathised with the ideas of the extreme right. What was appealing to Cioran was not the the translator and author of several books doctrine of the Iron Guard, as he confessed about the Romanian literature.

One of years later, but their motivation, their an- them is Chipul Meduzei, published in , ger, their will that would have no limit, as which explores the way in which totalitar- the end would probably be their own death. It would be also compared to the which present the aspects that made these legend of Master Manole, where the sac- movements so appealing to Romanian in- rifice of a human being is necessary for the tellectuals such as: Mircea Eliade, Emil construction of the most beautiful monas- Cioran, Gherasim Luca, Paul Celan.

From this perspective, the Iron Guard Giovanni Rotiroti dedicates the first would see the death of its members as a chapter to Eugen Ionescu, as he believes sacrifice needed for the birth of a new na- Ionescu was one of the few that were all for tion closer to God. In spite of their deter- democracy and that was not attracted to mination, Cioran changed his views years these ideologies.

The author quotes some later and regretted being attracted to them. He confessed that he could ment, a spiritual one. Caught in the speak in good terms about the Iron Guard whirl of these forced changes, the society and its promise. They were attracted to the left wing. Their liberalism and non- followed by a new series of restrictions and conformity made these poets sympathise constraints inaugurated by the July Theses with the extreme left.

The Romanian communist re- Giovanni Rotiroti notices that some gime ends in , due to a Revolution. They replaced the cult of gime the freedom of creation is also lim- death with eroticism, given its power to ited, so that literature must find its own shock, to break down taboos. Socialism is built according history information as background. This study treats each of the the difficulty of precise framing. Through four categories separately, providing con- information that prove a thorough doc- cepts and concrete examples of authors and umentation and reconstruct the political texts for each one of them.

His incursion in war literature discussed in terms of politi- the post-war Romanian literature takes cal power, so the book includes important as reference points the studies of his sections focused on the political history of predecessors, focusing both on history and post-war Romania.

The next sec- able to highlight the various forms in whi- tion provides information organized in the ch post-war literature is shaped as a res- form of chronologies: the first one focuses ponse to the constraints of the totalitarian on the nodal points of the official policy political regime. Each of the four subdivisions includes a list of subjects that can be questioned as well as the names of those authors whose texts were analyzed in the paper.

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Also, Blanca Solares and Manuel Lavaniegos talk about the way music as a way of human knowledge has been banned beginning with the 13th cen- I t is acknowledged that the world we are living in today is a world of the image. We look at things only to take photos of tury and the emerging science and ratio- nal knowledge. The contempt for forms of knowledge that engage imagination, intu- them, we turn on the TV to see images, we ition and musical perception has divided go outside and cannot help but observe the human knowledge and music was exiled big, shiny billboards.

These images have lost either in concerts halls, either in enter- their aura and have become not only acces- tainment. Nowadays, this form of getting sible, but also violent. Having pre- educate our musical perception. Moving viously tackled subjects as the hermeneu- towards the overlap between myths and tics of the medieval imaginary, myth and music, the primary example given is the Romanticism, Gaston Bachelard and the Greek myth of the Muses, which is the life of images, the collection averts origin of other myths regarding the pow- from the idea of the image, in general, and er of music and the provenance of certain image as a way to access the invisible, in musical instruments.

Moreover, different particular. Both volumes have an interdis- cultures chain the notion of human musi- ciplinary approach on music, the first one, cal creativity to that of a god and of great- Imaginarios musicales. The work of Blanca Solares aesthetics. Also, we can find works that re- III, view the impact that music has on human beings and its value as means of commu- nication. The conferences ces of music. The book closes with loss of its sacred component.


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The conflict between moved, in order for it to reveal the purity of authenticity and fiction is visible through form, a concept which bestows unique new the eyes of the narrator, who tries to find valences to a symbol. However, his fear the true value of the Romanian traditions. War, struggling to find its identity. The professor and Mircea Eliade. Although the author from the Federal University of Bahia be- discusses Brancusi in more detail, her final gins with two beautifully chosen quota- thesis highlights the similarities between tions by Kandinski and Bachelard, whose the sculptor and the philosopher through theories and concepts will be used skillfully the myth-poetic dimension of their work through the lecture referring to the inter- and the expression of their languages, unit- nal process on which the artists embark ed by the common ambition to attain the in search of the metaphysical dimension sacred component of an authentic creation.

The question posed and completely transforms it through his on this research addresses possible expla- attempt of achieving a spiritual, mysteri- nations to why Eliade ultimately chose the ous reality. The outcome? The re- which produces refined analysis that bring search is based on the studies of the imagi- together literature, sculpture, painting, cin- nary performed by the Romanian compar- ematography and photography, to mention atist, applying his theories on the survival only a few.

The sacred has always been one of the most important constructs of imagination, with a power- Transylvanian Review, ful symbolic meaning behind the rituals Vol. XXVI, Supplement and projections of human experience.

But No. In order to answer this question, the analysis concentrates on the frequent im- E volume written as the next link in a lengthy chain comprising the Transylva- ages used by Instagram users in regard to nian Review, represents the most recent spiritual connotations, which range from issue of a journal that seeks to revitalize representations of Christ figures to fami- and perpetuate the tradition of the much ly pictures.

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Being a compilation of chetypes sheltered in anthropology and essays pertaining to not only historical the social forces. The time periods in which ina Schneider, Adriana-Cecilia Neagu and the reader finds himself, perusing the es- Amelia Precup.

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The lens through which says, range from the more archaic decades the authors observe the dynamics and of Michael the Brave and the First Unifi- social implications of Utopian and Dys- cation to eras closer to modernity. Rather, the the assimilation of any new information essays all seek to explore and theorize to provided by this first section. Con- iterations.

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The chronology of the subject stituting the bulk of the book, the first matter is one of relative linearity, the first section also presents the reader with the essay being a theoretical foray into the ety- greatest number of authors. Universitaire course and interpretations. Un bel hommage de ses pairs et Efstratia Oktapoda. Related Papers. By Giovanni Magliocco. By Juliana Maria Martins.

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