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You have to get their attention and respect immediately. A few years ago, Leonardo made the move to Dallas, and having learned from his first experience in Atlanta, was better prepared for the startup challenges. We try to sell ourselves on knowing what to do, what to play, what to say at the right time and for the right audience as well.

Every event is different, and you have to have the right experience. You have to get to know them on a personal level. What are their likes and dislikes? You have to understand their vision and how you can help turn it into a stunning reality. Thirty-five years is plenty of time to compile enough experiences to put into a book, no?

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Mike Wieder: We do our share of same-sex weddings and they are pretty much the same as a traditional wedding. With the exception of a few formalities and wording, there really is no difference. First off, the couple just wants you to treat them the same way you would treat a heterosexual couple. There may be parent dances, a cakecutting, garters and bouquets being tossed, etc.

You just have to change what you say and how you do things. An example would be with the garter and bouquet. Instead of removing a garter, you may have the couple toss their garters or bouquets at the same time, or instead of having single ladies or men attempt to catch, you can have all of the single people come to the dancefloor. Recently I met with two women planning their wedding and when they walked into my office they seemed a bit standoffish.

Same-sex marriages are happening more and more over the last few years. This was not always the case, as I remember some years back when asked my opinion on them. If they liked your sense of humor, personality, or musical style, make sure you bring it with you.

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Over the years, I have caught the garter and bouquet at weddings. That is where personality comes in. I never shy away from the situation. Instead, I embrace it, even when Grandma pulled a knife on me. There is a lot of competition out there and most couples hear the same stuff, different DJ i. Cookie cutters are good for cookies, not entertainers. Dare to be different. If you are different, be different! I always ask my couples what their color scheme is for their reception.

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And we never wear white shirts, because we want to be different from the venue staff. It is now one month until the big day. In the time that has passed, you should have, whether through mail, e-mail, Facebook, or phone, kept in touch with the couple. Now is the time to go over details. Most importantly, ask questions! Their wedding day is not the time for questions.

Make sure you know who sings their wedding song and that you have the correct version album, acoustic, mix, cover, etc. Same goes for parent dances and any other important music requests. Never be afraid to make suggestions. Now is a great time to go over all of the formalities. Make sure you have the names of the bridal party spelled phonetically and the proper order.

The bride specifically requested a certain version of this song. After the dance, I spoke with the bride and apologized for playing the wrong version. She explained that it was the right version. She just assumed that all of the versions were the same, as she did not listen to it ahead of time. Do not be afraid to give homework. One of the most important moments of the reception is usually the one with the least amount of preparation. Many hours are spent on choosing a song for the first dance, yet very few have ever danced to it prior to their special day.

Suggest to your couples that they dance to their song, so they get a feel for the timing. That way, they will know if they want to dance the entire length of the song together, or invite the guests to join. Also, if you are doing an anniversary dance, ask them ahead of time to find out the names and the amount of years together for the longest married couple. This may sound crazy, but have the bride ask someone to video her trying on her gown, including how it is bustled, and send it to you.

With his approval, I attempted to, and eventually succeeded in bustling the gown and returning the bride back to the party. You can actually contact local bridal boutiques and ask if you can come in for a bustling lesson. Stay tuned. MASCHINE Mk3 maintains the same ergonomic layout while adding more dedicated function buttons; 16 larger, more responsive pads; and two high-resolution RGB color screens for easier sound browsing, editing and sample-slicing. The units feature integrated DSP with LED display, a bass reflex unit that extends the frequency range downwards, a horn attachment in front of the tweeter for wide dispersion, and a 4.

Pioneer DJ Americas W. The fixture has a degree beam angle and is fitted with a manually adjustable lens that lets users alter the focus of the beam to suit different projection distances. Additional features include an upgraded powerCON power input, micro-stepping motors, percent digital dimming, five selectable curves, GOBO shake, variable speed digital strobing, and random slow to fast pulse effects. The case sports spring-loaded handles and a fully-padded interior featuring high-density Diamond-embossed EVA foam protective padding that protects the equipment against scratches, dust and other damages.

The case lid is removable and the laptop shelf can be adjusted. Sculptube uses fourth generation DSP technology to offer a realistic simulation of tube warming and distortion. A Scribble Strip is also included, allowing users to take notes anywhere on the plug-in panel. BandLab launched a new, free Looper that lets users create beats on the go using their mobile phones. Available for both iOS and Android, the Looper features built-in pitch and time-shifting technology, as well as a variety of effects such as reverb and echo.

Users get access to 12 professionally created sample packs ranging from hip hop to pop, each of which come with 24 purpose-built loops. The KS features a single inch transducer in a 6th order bandpass premium birch cabinet. There are two M20 threaded pole receptacles, as well as low-noise casters.

A locking security cover and padded transport cover are available options. VocoPro announced its new Digital 31, 32 and 34 product line. This fully digital wireless system gives users the choice of one, two or four wireless mics or instruments in one integrated all-inclusive system. The unit operates in the MHz range and uses bit digital technology to deliver clean, professional-quality signal. Each receiver comes packaged with a wireless handheld microphone, as well as a body pack transmitter with headset microphone and instrument cable. Using one-touch IR sync, users can integrate up to nine systems.

These include atmospheres, transitions, ambiences, drones and effects, all of which are recorded in bit audio.

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All models also include a limited-edition ARP color version with orange silk-screening on a black panel, as well as two mini-patch cables. Gemini CDMP Equipped with professional features and decks to make any DJ jealous, this unit is a complete all-in-one solution to move a crowd. Its carefully selected collection of professional features fully compliment its intuitive, modern design.

Buy at Amazon Official page. FirstMix offers a comprehensive and innovative feature-set that allows any user to explore the world of DJing.

Gemini designed the FirstMix series of USB controllers to help aspiring DJs advance their skills from beginners to full-fledged artists and the FirstMix Pro rounds out the family with the most professional, comprehensive feature-set. In play mode the screen shows track position on a large full size waveform with full track information including title, time, BPM and Pitch. In addition the display has visual feedback for Slip mode, Hot Cue points as well as active Loops.

Multiple platter modes available, including reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue. With Built-in bit Soundcard. Wav, Mp3, Aac, Aiff. Item is NOT function Tested. Apart from inserting a power lead and switching on. The unit powered on correctly, but that's as far as its been tested. The Outer knob on the 1 channel is missing but you can still adjust from the lever that is underneath. EUR 7. Cna you point me to the right direction? Office is closed for the weekend but if you head over to our facebook page and send us a message I can discuss this with you. Is there a separate case made for Gemini G4V or do I have to look for general bag?

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  4. I want to get into DJing and was curious whether it was best to get the G4V or denon mc? A big difference between the two is that the Denon is only a 2 channel controller and the G4V is a 4 channel controller. You CAN access 2 more decks on the Denon, using switch buttons, but the mixer-part will then be shared. Great review. I see everybody has followed in the way of the Novation Twitch with the pads,nice to see, love the Twitch. Good to see Gemini have upped their game, too bad no Traktor mappings out of the box though.

    The touch sensitive jog wheels are very responsive to scratching. They can connect to any DJ app on iPad or iPhone that allows midi mapping using the Apple camera connection kit. View More View Less. Refine Search Refine. Sort By: Most Recent. Price -. Owner 5 Dealer 2.

    DJ Software - VirtualDJ - gemini firstmix pro

    Amount 6 Contact for Price 1. Gumtree Alerts. Get a daily email with the latest ads in your areas of interest. Free and easy to cancel. I have the latest Virtual DJ 8 Pro Infinity software now for sale, supports all controllers and has all features unlocked, plays for unlimited time Not a 10 minute demo. Read More. Chatsworth 6 hrs ago 6 hours ago. R 2, Chatsworth 11 hrs ago 11 hours ago. R 1, Numark n4 4 deck dj controller for sale. R 3, Numark n4 4 deck dj controller for sale in good working conditionHas 4 deck control, works with all major dj softwareThis unit works as a standalone mixer can be connected to cdjs Comes with all necessary cablesNot desperate to sell Asking for RCall or WhatsApp me on Other 3 days ago 3 days ago.

    R 5, City Centre 9 days ago 9 days ago. Phoenix 16 days ago 16 days ago.

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    Bluff 6 hrs ago 6 hours ago. Mixvibes U-Mix Control. The USB powered controller's compact design makes it easy to transport to gigs, and its straightforward layout features a 2-channel mixer set between 2 decks with large, touch-sensitive wheels. This model does no t have a built in sound card, no software included.

    Works with most free demo software like CrossDj and Virtua Verulam a day ago a day ago.