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Astrology thus lost its academic and theoretical standing, and common belief in astrology declined.

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Nevertheless, astrology has survived into the twenty-first century and has many adherants and practitioners. This is the most famous, the most celebrated astrology book in the English language. It has been prized by students ever since its first publication in The Horary Astrology in these pages is demanding and precise, combining science and art.

Properly used, it will give answer to any well-defined question. Its most important feature is a section on electional astrology. Blagrave explains how to fit the chart to a particular person in order to properly elect an auspicious time to assist or influence them.

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Blagrave also deals with the rectification of natal charts using primary directions and with solar revolutions and transits. Jubar Astrologicum also gives instructions for answering horary questions for each of the twelve houses, including questions of wealth, property, birth, illness, marriage, partnership, death, travel, career and even witchcraft and curses. One of the most useful features is Thrasher's delineation of numerous example charts, providing invaluable practical insight to horary analysis. Like all 17th century authors on horary astrology Thrasher is clearly indebted to William Lilly, but Jubar Astrologicum contains much of interest for students of traditional astrology.

Partridge also gives useful instruction on directions in the natal chart and a catalog of fixed stars.

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Partridge gives a particularly useful look at elections, carefully distinguishing between those elections that need to take into consideration the natal chart of the user and those that can be made without a natal chart. Partridge also includes extensive listing of aphorisms, short explanatory sayings, that were a favorite of our illustrious predecessors. He includes his own aphorisms for elections, Gadbury's natal aphorisms, plus aphorisms of Hermes, aphorisms of Bethem, an extra hundred aphorisms plus the famous Ptolemy's Centiloquium.

Autore molto intellettuale e semplice nei suoi concetti. Per chi si avvicina a Lilly dall'Italia, consiglio di iniziare con "i templi del cielo" di D. Feb 11, Javier Guelfi rated it it was amazing.

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Essential; a book to read and discuss, a constant source of knowledge. Dec 18, Dung Dao rated it it was amazing.

Pedro Moreira Santos rated it really liked it Nov 28, Sheena Martz rated it really liked it Feb 05, Freeman Presson rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Todd rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Charon Dunn rated it really liked it Aug 09, Jake McNellis rated it liked it Feb 12, Debi Van Zandt rated it it was amazing Jan 23, John Roberts rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Randon Rosenbohm rated it really liked it Jul 08, Debee rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Dee Dunckley rated it liked it May 26, Sarah K rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Michael rated it it was amazing Nov 25, Whirlbee rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Lucas rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Jose Neo rated it it was amazing May 07, Sophia rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Ivana rated it it was amazing Jan 20, John rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Phenex rated it really liked it Aug 28, Lesley Stuart-smith rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Related Information.

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